Music Profile

Musician Bio:

Richie's music career began since an early age which happened almost instantly when seeing the legendary Jean Michel Jarre perform a live concert on TV. That was it, the start of a career and not long after the purchase of new electronic keyboards. From then up until 1992 was teaching himself both keyboard (synth), and piano techniques.

It was in 1994 when Richie was 20, that his first live performance was going to happen. This was to perform some oldskool hardcore melodies in front of about 300 people at a local rave event. This was soon to become very popular. As a committed Christian, Richie was also involved in playing the piano in a worship band at the time, and has done so since.


Inspired also by JMJ, Moby, Prodigy, Tiesto amongst a few others, the music that gets produced has never been genre specific. However it has always been uplifting and continues to do so to this day.

You can hear some completed tracks by clicking the 'original tunes' link on the right.