Complete DJ Course (Vinyl)

A complete course is available for those wishing to further their DJing skills.
This course is suitable for complete beginners and anyone wishing to perform to above industry standard.

The course is taught on a lesson by lesson format, with each lesson lasting a minimum of 60 minutes. This is split up into 5 modules which gets worked through step by step.

The course is taught in a purpose built dance music production studio here in Weymouth.

Description of modules:

Module 1

Starting with a few basic tips on health and safety, this module also covers the best way to have turntables and mixer set up. This includes setting up tonearms properly and where to correctly set the balance weight & anti-skating.
This module then covers how to use power amplifiers correctly, and how best to set levels/equalisation to get the clearest, and loudest sound without distortion. Also covers tips on avoiding turntable hum/feedback and using microphones.

Module 2

This module begins by working alongside what you may already know about cueing up a record, how best to wear headphones, how to catch the first beat of a tune through the headphones and talks through letting the record go 'in time' with the 1-2-3-4 beat count.
It then goes on to cover beatmatching basics, shows the correct method of adjusting turntables (speeding up and slowing down) and goes through the best way to hear the cue from the headphones. Then this module goes on to cover various tricks on using the channel faders, covers use of crossfaders and how they can be assigned. Finishes off by giving you a full understanding of BPM (beate per minute) across different music genres.

Module 3

No matter what style of dance music youre mixing, the better the beatmatch hold you have to start with, the more creative you can be.
This module covers the best way to get that perfect beatmatch, that is a 60 second minimum hold of both tunes being in time without touching either of the turntables. Everyone who has done this course so far has been successful in doing this with amazing accuracy. This is done by using the best methods found for speeding up/slowing down turntables along with correct headphone usage and a few tips on distinguishing between a record being too fast or slow. This module also covers how to make 'in the mix' adjustments without anyone noticing, often useful for speeding up a vocal track without the vocals going all over the place.

Module 4

Now that you have that perfect beatmatch its time to add colour to your mix. There are lots of tricks taught here and this is where you really begin to develop your own style. Starting with various types of mixing (including hard-beat and progressive) you get to learn how to use the bass/mid/top rotaries and kills to dramatically change your mix. Instincts begin to tell you what to do next, either that little subliminal tweak which lifts your mix up a level or that mad use of kill switches and effects which sends the dance floor into a frenzy, either way the crowd will love you for it! Covers fully how to use kills and how to avoid 'flat' mixes or mixes that badly clash. A little bit of musical song structure is also taught here aswell.

Module 5

Crowd response - this is what they think of you and you know that you want to give them the best performance possible.
This module covers various crowd response tactics, how to 'read' that response and give them what they want. Also covers certain ways to tease a crowd by using certain mixing tricks to give them that satisfaction on the dance floor.
This module then goes on to show you how to deal with certain mishaps, maybe your headphones have just packed up... or you have problems with one of the turntables, if it poses no danger then your aim is to let that party continue! Also covered is how to maintain DJ equipment, how to carry out basic repairs and even tricks on repairing warped records!

Other info:

Ideally its best for you to have access to a set of turntables & mixer so you can practise between lessons. You will be given your own folder with module worksheets to take home with you between lessons. These are yours to keep.

Upon completion of the course you will receive certificates stating that you are a professional mix DJ. You also get to come in and record your own demo CD. This is done free of charge after the course.

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