DJ Profile

DJ Bio:

Richie began his DJ career way back in 1987 when early house music was all the rage in amongst an era which had many independant music shops stacked with many shelves full of the latest tunes on vinyl. Having seen the way music has progressed since then, there has always been an ethos in respect to the vinyl culture.

This ensures that wherever possible you know that Richie will always turn up to perform a DJ set with a bag full of 12" vinyl records. To see a DJ perform with vinyl, and to see a tune spinning and relating it to what you hear has a great impact on how an audience relates to the music. You will always notice an element of musicianship in amongst Richies DJ sets.

However whilst keeping with the digital age and bucking the trend even more, theres always the option to see him perform on world class Denon SC5000 Prime decks midi-mapped to the latest DJ software. Whilst vinyl will always have outstanding quality, these are the times where often the latest music will be available first as a digital format.


Richie's favourite style has always been one to bring a smile to peoples faces, with a more happy bouncy hardhouse flavour. There are more genres which can range from uplifting trance, electro, breaks and classic funky house. See the link on the right pointing to a selection of mixes to download.


There are also DJ courses available which is aimed at teaching vinyl mixing, you will see more info about this by clicking the link on the right.

Competition Judge:

As a member of the Musicians Union for over 10 years, there has been times when Richie has been on various judging panels for DJ competitions around the UK. With full access to industry standard judging papers and ethical codes of practise, you can rest assured that any competition will be judged fairly and effectively without favour or discrimination.